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June 12, 2024

Lysis of Adhesions Panel

This is a panel discussion on pain management and the use of stimulators and lysis of adhesions in treatments. The panelists, including Dr. Racz Dr. Day, Dr. Fox and Dr. Gerdesmeyer, emphasize the importance...
June 7, 2024

Peripheral Subcutaneous Field Stimulation

Dr. Mert Akbas discusses the advanced treatment of chronic persistent low back pain, particularly focusing on peripheral subcutaneous field stimulation, a supplementary technique to spinal cord stimulation (SCS). He highlights how combining SCS with...
May 28, 2024

Selective Nerve Root Blocks

Dr Mert Akbas details the significance and methodology of selective nerve root blocks, introduced in 1971 for treating lower leg radicular pain. He highlights the importance of accurate diagnosis and identification of the affected...
May 23, 2024

Padilla del Rey – Neuroaxial Techniques

Dr. Maria Luz Padilla del Rey speaks on the subject of chronic cancer-related pain management, emphasizing the advantages of neuroaxial techniques over conventional methods. She passionately advocates for neuroaxial analgesia, citing its effectiveness in...
May 21, 2024

SI Joint Panel Discussion

This panel discussion focuses on approaches to sacroiliac (SI) joint problems and the effectiveness of various treatments. Drs. Staats, Calodney, Li, Gerdesmeyer, and Entz discuss the importance of accurate diagnosis and a stepwise...
May 17, 2024

Vertebral Augmentation

Dr. Douglas Beall offers a comprehensive analysis of vertebral augmentation versus non-surgical management for treating unstable vertebral compression fractures. He critically examines the data on conventional treatments like bracing and rest, revealing their ineffectiveness....
May 14, 2024

Complications in Percutaneous Invasive Tools

Dr. Ovidiu Palea speaks on spine endoscopy complications and different high-risk interventions in spinal procedures. He discusses his experience with routine spinal endoscopy and advanced interventions, emphasizing the significance of proper patient selection and...
May 9, 2024

SCS vs Surgery on Spine Chronic Spinal Pain

Dr. László Entz highlights the complexities of managing chronic pain, particularly in post-surgical patients. He shares insights on differentiating between neuropathic and nociceptive pain, emphasizing the importance of accurate diagnosis for effective treatment. Key...
May 2, 2024

Advances in Imaging for Diagnosis of Spinal Chronic Pain

Dr. Chih-Peng Lin speaks on advanced imaging modalities for diagnosing and treating chronic spinal pain. Dr Lin, with over 15 years of experience in interventional pain management, discusses the integration of various imaging techniques...
April 24, 2024

Combined SCS and DRG Stimulation

Dr. Dias Assis discusses the evolution and benefits of spinal cord and DRG stimulation in pain management. Highlighting advancements in neuromodulation technology, he shares insights into various mechanisms of action and broad applicability for...
April 19, 2024

WIP Guidelines

A comprehensive overview of the World Institute of Pain's (WIP) efforts to establish global guidelines for interventional therapy and neuromodulation in managing intractable headache and facial pain is presented. Dr Miles Day discusses the...
April 16, 2024

The DRG as a Pain Generator and what to do about it

Marshall Devor, PhD, discusses an innovative interventional procedures targeting the Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) for pain management. Professor Devor explores mechanisms of pain generation and transmission, emphasizing electrical impulses in the nervous system. His...
April 11, 2024

Cervical Epidural Injections

Dr. Dominic Hegarty discusses the nuances and complexities of cervical epidural procedures in pain management. Working in a busy pediatric unit, he addresses the challenges and reservations his colleagues have about performing cervical procedures,...
April 8, 2024

Stellate and T2 3 Sympathetic Block

The complexities and applications of T2 and T3 sympathetic blocks. Dr. Agnes Stogicza emphasizes the importance of understanding the sympathetic chain's anatomy for effective treatment. Key functions of the sympathetic system, such as vasomotor...
March 12, 2024

E-CAP Controlled Closed Loop SCS

Dr. Jan Willem Kalleward talks about ECAP controlled closed loop spinal cord stimulation (SCS) and its outcomes after 24 months in the EVOKE study, a double-blind clinical trial. He explains that chronic pain is...
March 8, 2024

Intrathecal Infusion for Targeted Drug Delivery

Dr. David Schultz presents an interesting overview of targeted drug delivery (TDD) through intrathecal infusion. He discusses the history of neural stimulation, the introduction of spinal opioids, and medication delivery to the spine. Dr....
March 5, 2024

Emerging Ethical Concepts in Interventional Pain Medicine

Dr. Megan K. Applewhite discusses bioethics, focusing on disparities of care in marginalized populations. She explains bioethics foundational terms and emphasizes the value of justice, beneficence, and respect for autonomy. Dr. Applewhite then explores...