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Padilla del Rey – Neuroaxial Techniques

Dr. Maria Luz Padilla del Rey speaks on the subject of chronic cancer-related pain management, emphasizing the advantages of neuroaxial techniques over conventional methods. She passionately advocates for neuroaxial analgesia, citing its effectiveness in reducing opiate-related side effects and potentially extending life expectancy. The interview explores the evolution of neuroaxial techniques since the first spinal anesthesia in 1898, highlighting their role in modern anesthesia. Dr. Padilla del Rey guides the audience through the critical decision-making process in neuroaxial analgesia, including choosing between epidural and intrathecal routes and selecting appropriate catheters and devices. Emphasizing the significance of anatomy in these decisions, the speaker explains the advantages and challenges of both routes, such as drug bioavailability and infection risks. The video also addresses the selection of drugs for epidural and intrathecal administration, underscoring the need to consider various factors like hospital resources and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive talk aims to equip practitioners with knowledge to make informed choices in neuroaxial analgesia for cancer pain management.

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