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Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Part II

Aches and Gains
Mar 14, 2024
Leukemia is a medical term for cancer of the blood cells. Acute Myeloid Leukemia, known as AML is the most common acute leukemia in adults. AML is rapidly lethal if untreated, but overall survival has improved for those under age 65 from just 8 months in the late 1970s to 46 months in 2014. We’ll have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Mark Levis. He’s a Professor of Oncology and Director of the Adult Leukemia Service at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He’ll explain how and why AML develops, what puts us at risk, and then delve into standard treatments as well as effective, new, and targeted therapies that are extending life.
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FTC Pushes To Make Noncompetes Illegal – Here’s What It Could Mean w. Scott Weavil

Anesthesia Success
May 27, 2024
How will the FTC's ban on noncompete agreements impact the U.S. workforce and—specifically—physicians? In this episode, Scott Weavil, founder and Principal Attorney of Weavil Law PC, joins us to discuss the recent FTC ruling that bans most noncompete agreements and its significant implications. He addresses the history of noncompete agreements and the timeline for when this new rule will take effect. Listen in to hear who this rule will impact, as well as what it means for employees and employers alike. Learn more: https://apmsuccess.com/238 Watch the video: https://apmsuccess.com/238v
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A Discussion on Tolerance, Dependency, and PTSD with Joseph Cabaret, MD and Kenneth Carle, MD

ASIPP Podcast
May 02, 2023
It is a pleasure to have Dr. Joe Cabaret return to the podcast because it’s not every day you get to hear from someone who is triple boarded in anesthesia, pain, and addiction. The practice of pain medicine always has its difficulties—sometimes those difficulties involve simultaneously balancing pain, tolerance, and dependency. When you’re really trained and qualified to make the distinction between these three things, you’re better at balancing all of them. Dr. Cabaret not only understands pain, but he really understands addiction, so his approach to dealing with complex pain problems is especially effective. We also discuss central pain and its processing because, like it or not, most pain is processed through the central nervous system. That’s why we use so many different classes of medication—the Buprenorphines, Gabapentinoids, Pregabalins, and the like—we want to work in the central nervous system to help reduce the opioid load. Finally, we share some thoughts on the 2023 ASIPP (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians) Annual Meeting. We’re also welcoming a new guest to the podcast, Dr. Kenneth Carle, from Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Carle is a practitioner of Interventional Pain Medicine who brings up a several interesting talking points about the strategies we can use to help patients with PTSD.
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S2E7: Interview Series w/ Dr. Samuel Shem (aka Stephen Bergman) author of House of God and Mans 5th Best Hospital

September 22, 2019
ReGenMed101 Interview Series with Dr. Samuel Shem (aka Stephen Bergman) the author of House of God and Man's 4th Best Hospital. He received his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School, PhD from University of Oxford, and currently serves as an esteemed NYU Langone Hospital and School of Medicine Faculty. In this podcast listen to him discuss his motivation for writing the New York Times Best Seller House of God. His philosophy that affected thousands if not hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers for over 3 decades. He further details the injustice he witnessed first-hand and now brings to the forefront injustice to the current medical system for both healthcare workers and patients. Dr. Shem will also read 2 excerpts from his new book Man's 4th Best Hospital, and calls to action the doctors of our time find ways to bring the human back to medicine. Pre-Order his new book here: "Man's 4th Best Hospital" on Amazon Learn more about Dr. Sam Shem: on his official Website: www.mans4thbesthospital.com/ Thank you for listening, don't forget to subscribe.
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Is Degenerative Disc Disease an Infectious Disease? The role of L-PRP. Journal Club

The Pain Exam Podcast
May 20, 2024
Journal Club:  Treating Degenerative Disc Disease with Leukocyte Rich PRP Dr. Rosenblum discusses an article written by Dr. Gregory Lutz describing Leukocyte RIch PRP's role in treating Degenerative Disc Disease and the theory that there is an infectious disease component to disc injury.  Dr. Lutz describes multiple articles, as well as anectodal experience in which bacterial infectious was demonstrated in pathological discs, and PRP was successful in alleviating symptoms, modic changes and improved clinical as well as radiographic appearance.
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The Road to Chair: Interview with Joel Press, MD

The Road to Chair
Sep 15, 2020
Listen to the 7th episode of The Road to Chair, a podcast series developed by the AAP's Resident/Fellow Council (RFC). In this episode, Neal Rakesh, MD, Former Chair of the RFC, interviews Joel Press, MD, Physiatrist-in-Chief at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. Dr. Press shares his journey from choosing medicine to becoming a Chair and gives insights on his celebrated career, including helping to create the field of sports medicine.
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