With Hans C Hansen, MD
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Episode 25
May 02, 2023
It is a pleasure to have Dr. Joe Cabaret return to the podcast because it’s not every day you get to hear from someone who is triple boarded in anesthesia, pain, and addiction. The practice of pain medicine always has its difficulties—sometimes those difficulties involve simultaneously balancing pain, tolerance, and dependency. When you’re really trained and qualified to make the distinction between these three things, you’re better at balancing all of them. Dr. Cabaret not only understands pain, but he really understands addiction, so his approach to dealing with complex pain problems is especially effective. We also discuss central pain and its processing because, like it or not, most pain is processed through the central nervous system. That’s why we use so many different classes of medication—the Buprenorphines, Gabapentinoids, Pregabalins, and the like—we want to work in the central nervous system to help reduce the opioid load. Finally, we share some thoughts on the 2023 ASIPP (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians) Annual Meeting. We’re also welcoming a new guest to the podcast, Dr. Kenneth Carle, from Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Carle is a practitioner of Interventional Pain Medicine who brings up a several interesting talking points about the strategies we can use to help patients with PTSD.