With Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey, physician spouse and financial planner, interviews experts in medicine, finance, practice management, and other areas to bring you important insights.

This podcast is designed to answer lots of questions that will come up for you, but aren’t part of the clinical corpus of residency training.

Have you ever been taught how working for a private practice will impact student loan repayment options?

Or how compensation mechanisms may vary between an academic hospital and a mid-sized pain clinic?

Or the pros and cons of practicing in a care team model vs. a physician-only practice setting?

Knowing the answers to these questions BEFORE making big decisions can be invaluable.

At Anesthesia Success, my goal is to equip anesthesia and pain physicians to make great career and financial decisions.

Latest Episode
Episode 182
JAN 30, 2023
As a physician, you have a unique set of skills that are in high demand, and it’s essential to remember that your time and expertise are valuable. It is also important to know that you should be compensated accordingly and it is okay to ask for a better contract if you’re not happy with what you’re being offered. Dr. Anthony Giuffrida is the Director of Interventional Spine & Pain Management at Cantor Spine Center, and in this episode, he will be explaining the importance of knowing how to advocate for yourself, your skills, and your worth. Listen in as we talk about working with people who want to see you succeed. Surrounding yourself with people who support and encourage you can make a big difference in your career. You will learn the importance of being confident in your knowledge, why you should be able to admit when you’re wrong sometimes, and more.