With Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey, physician spouse and financial planner, interviews experts in medicine, finance, practice management, and other areas to bring you important insights.

This podcast is designed to answer lots of questions that will come up for you, but aren’t part of the clinical corpus of residency training.

Have you ever been taught how working for a private practice will impact student loan repayment options?

Or how compensation mechanisms may vary between an academic hospital and a mid-sized pain clinic?

Or the pros and cons of practicing in a care team model vs. a physician-only practice setting?

Knowing the answers to these questions BEFORE making big decisions can be invaluable.

At Anesthesia Success, my goal is to equip anesthesia and pain physicians to make great career and financial decisions.

Latest Episode
Episode 163
Sep 19, 2022
Talking with your spouse about money can be very difficult when you have differing views. However, it is important to be able to speak about such an important topic because a lack of communication can lead to arguments, blown-out budgets and less than ideal savings accounts. So, how do you approach this conversation without starting a fight? In this episode, I will be sharing four tools to use to discuss tough money topics with your partner. Listen in as I explain how everyone’s views on money stem from their childhood and why it is essential for you to remember that before getting upset in a money conversation. You will learn the benefit of looking at the data, when you may want to think about involving someone else in the conversation and why you should think about the words that you use in this conversation.