From the latest in neuromodulation, regenerative medicine and more, we have something for all clinicians. Along with our fantastic lectures, we will offer an on-demand program which will allow you to watch live procedures.

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Take a look at some new and exciting topics. Having the participation of so many remarkable physicians from all regions of the world, helps us foster an avenue for scientists to present their research to their peers. Procedures vary from injections to spinal cord stimulation and everything in between, providing you the best techniques to advance your skills.

Enjoy this conference and come away with valuable information that will enhance the way you practice pain medicine.

Individual Lectures and Procedures

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November 17, 2021

General Session 1 – Q&A

In this Q&A session following General Session 1, Dr. Javier de Andres and Dr. Dominic Hegarty moderate the questions received from conference attendees for Drs. Prunskis, Erdine, and Diwan. For example, a question was...
November 17, 2021

General Session 2 – Q&A

Dr. Kris Vissers and Dr. Miles Day take questions from the virtual attendees. Dr. Gabor Racz and Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer answer these questions. Timing of repeated procedures is discussed. Physical exams are important, says...
November 17, 2021

Erdine – Ethics & Interventional Pain

Dr. Serdar Erdine discusses ethics and interventional pain. He describes the four principles of ethics in medicine: autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, and justice. He says there is a crisis in pain care, and it is...
November 17, 2021

General Lectures_Session 3_Q&A

The moderators field questions from the virtual audience following Session 3. Different nerve ablation procedures are discussed. Radiofrequency techniques are also discussed. Another person asks about complications of basivertebral nerve ablation. Dr. Chapman discusses...
November 17, 2021

Flores – Long Haul COVID and Pain

Dr. Juan Carlo Flores discusses long haul COVID-19 and pain. First, he discusses the viral life cycle of the virus. COVID-19 has a long lifespan and may cause more health issues than was previously...