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Golovac (Cancer Treatment) Panel

Dr. Stanley Golovac chairs a panel discussion on numerous aspects of pain treatment in cancer patients and poses questions to the expert panel. Dr. Gritsenko addresses the importance of early interventional conversations with cancer patients. Dr. Hernandez-Porras comments on addressing mental health measures as a fundamental part of a cancer patient care. Dr. Puttaniah highlights that cancer patients with neuropathic pain prefer early intrathecal drug delivery to minimize opioid use and side effects. Dr. Vydyanathan emphasizes the superior pain control of intrathecal pumps for cancer patients. These and a few other topics are covered by the elite panel.

This experience is powered by CMEfy – an AI-powered platform that directs learners along a pathway to capture reflections at point of inspiration, point of care. Clinicians may earn CME/CE credit via ReflectCE, the accredited activity portal. Learn more at

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