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My Experience as a Pain Patient

PETER EDENHOFFER on March 4, 2020 at 4:34 pm
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      As a pain physician that has treated thousands of patients, here is my experience as a pain patient with chronic pain. I developed chronic pain after an accident causing pressure on my spinal column. I began treatment with several Lysis and RF procedures which were stepping stones in managing the source of pain. I decided to have my first round of Cryo treatment three months ago to target the lateral branches and decrease muscle spasticity. The pain gradually decreased by 30-40% over several weeks. I had my second Cyro procedure this morning to target the pain generators. The procedure itself doesn’t feel any different than most of my past procedures, but feel as if it was more effective. Each nerve takes about 2 minutes to freeze. After having this procedure done, I want to learn how to perform Cryo. There’s a lower chance for complications and you aren’t destroying the nerve structure like you do when performing RF. Now being on the other side, it will help me rethink how to treat my patients.

      • Robert RapcanRobert Rapcan
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        I like you sharing what pain physicians do when they have pain. I am also a pain physician and here is my experience. Honestly, I do not like patients with central low back pain, degeneration of L5/S1 disc, pain with bending forward and worsening even more when coming back from bending.Modic 1-2. 3 months ago I did cross country skiing – skate and got central low back pain, no radiation to legs, no facets positivity, no SI positivity, bending forward restricted, coming back painful. Resting from sport, pain killers, some own exercises – no help, even worsening the symptoms, rest pain, hard to sleep, pain killers ZERO effect. Radiological image – severe L5/S1 disc degeneration, Modic 1-2 changes, hyperlordosis. I contacted our swedish physio guru Bjorn Aasa – his advice was simple – try correcting your hyperlordosis with exercises focused on abdominal muscles (with special focus on low abdomen, below navel level). And now the interesting part. After 3 month of sufferening, pain killers and incorrect exercises ( my exercises were focused on extension and hyperextension – joga style) – 24 hrs of the correct muscle activation improved my clinical status 80%, within 3 days I come back to sport ( running, cycling, calisthenics) and no pain any more… . To sum up – there are diagnosis where interventions, surgeries, incorrect exercises do not help. Simple correct muscle activation with the correction of the movement disorder can cause a miracle.

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