Tomikichi Matsumoto

• President of Matsumoto Clinic of Anesthesia
• President Shiga Anesthesia & Specialist Society


Tomikichi Matsumoto, MD. PhD, FIPP is the President of Matsumoto Clinic of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and Shiga Anesthesia & Pain Medicine Specialist Society in Japan.

He is also a Professor for the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan. Professor Matsumoto is highly involved in many Japanese organizations. He is a Board Certified Member of the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologist, Japanese Society of Pain Physician, and Board Specialist of the Japanese Associate for Acute Medicine.

He is also a senior fellow and delegate for the Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists and a Board Councilor for the Japanese Society of Pain Physician and Japan Society of Chronic Pain. From 1982 to 2004, Professor Matsumoto has performed decompressive epidural tubing therapy in over 200 cases.

He has also performed 1,350 cases using the MT Catheter which in 400 cases he has used the S1 Transforaminal Matsumoto Way Catheter replacement technique. Since 2005 to present day, Professor Matsumoto has performed the Racz Catheter Epidural Neuroplasty in 500 cases, which includes 125 cases using the VERSA-KATH to perform the S1 Transformaminal Epidural Neuroplasty.