Juan Carlos Flores

• Buenos Aires University (UBA) School of Medicine University Hospital as Chief of the Anesthesiology Department and Director of the University Residency of Anesthesiology


Dr Juan Carlos Flores after completed his doctoral studies in the University of La Plata. And completed his specialization studies he was trained in recognized centers in Argentina and abroad, including The Cleveland Clinic Foundation; Mayo Clinic; Mass General in Boston; Baylor University and other. In 2002 he joined the Buenos Aires University (UBA) School of Medicine University Hospital as Chief of the Anesthesiology Department and Director of the University Residency of Anesthesiology where he created the Pain Medicine Program, which also is recently part of the WFSA & CLASA Training Center to Pain Management for Latin American Region. Since 2004 he has been the Director of the UBA Program for Specialization in Anesthesiology in University Hospital “José de San Martín”. And the Associated Director of Universitary Biannual Course for Pain Medicine Specialization in Buenos Aires University and Pain Foundation (Fundación Dolor).

As part of his clinical practice, Dr Flores is currently Director and Founder Member of the CAIDBA (Center of Comprehensive Attention of Pain “Buenos Aires”) where he also works in outreach initiatives to provide patients with information on pain control, measures to improve quality of life and information on safety and risks and the current state of development in the specialty. Because their activities about research, regional education and clinical practice World Institute of Pain gave to his center “CAIDBA” the recognition with EPP Award (Excellence in Pain Practice Award). Dr Flores is Past President of Argentine Federation of Associations of Anesthesiology (FAAAAR). He was the President of the 37th Argentine Congress of Anesthesiology and has been a member as a lecturer for many National and international Congresses. He has also been a President of the Argentine Pain Foundation and chaired the 8th International Meeting on Pain Medicine. He was appointed Director of the four Annual Advanced Interventional Pain Symposia and Practical Workshops held in Buenos Aires organized jointly by PF and WIP. He has been distinguished in 2005 approving the examination from the International Board of Examiners for the certification of FIPP, the first South American doctor to act in such capacity. He has published numerous articles on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, has contributed chapters and several books and has also published research papers in different journals.

He has also been a member of the editorial board of Spanish Pain Journal, Pain Practice, Uruguayan Journal of Pain and Reanimation and Argentine Journal of Anesthesiology. With many others activities Dr Flores organized the first Universitary Center for Pain Medicine in Argentine; He was treating refractory occipital neuralgia putting the first occipital stimulator putted in practice in South America; introduce the Kip Korhman Simulator to educate in pain practice and have been organizing fresh cadaver workshop with images continuously in Argentine from 10 years before. And out of Argentine in cooperation with WIP. Dr Flores has made the point to promote certification of specialists (in Latin American Region) in order to improve the level of pain practice and at the same time promote increase the availability of drugs, materials and technologists necessaries to educate and to practice pain medicine and finally to disseminate information in the general population so that patients can benefit with the latest advances in the specialty.