Ramamurthy’s Decision Making in Pain Management: An Algorithmic Approach 3rd Edition

by Ameet (Author, Editor), M.D. Nagpal (Author, Editor), Miles (Editor), M.D. Day (Editor), Maxim S. (Editor), M.D. Eckmann (Editor), Brian T. (Editor), M.D. Boies (Editor), Larry C. (Editor), M.D. Driver (Editor)

This new edition provides clinicians with the latest advances in the identification, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic pain conditions and syndromes. Beginning with an overview of pain evaluation, the next chapters explain acute and chronic pain. The following chapters examine different types of pain including cancer, thoracic, lower back, head and neck, and more. Each chapter has been fully revised and the third edition features many new topics, including a complete chapter dedicated to opioid pharmacology. Authored by recognised Texas-based experts in the field, the text is presented in a clear, algorithmic approach, enhanced by clinical photographs and figures. Key points Fully revised, third edition presenting latest advances in diagnosis and management pain Features many new topics including a chapter on opioid pharmacology Authored by recognised Texas-based experts in the field Previous edition (9780323019743) published in 2006

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