Pain: Management, Issues and Controversies
Editors: Jaroslava Raudenská, Ph.D., Alena Javùrková, Ph.D. and Giustino Varrassi, Ph.D. (Motol University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic, and others)

Clinical Aspects
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Andrea Trescot, Paul Jordan Christo, Frank J.E. Falco

Foundations of Interventional Pain Management and Pain Medicine
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Andrea Trescot, Paul Jordan Christo, Frank J.E. Falco

Low Back Pain – Diagnosis and Treatment
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Curtis W. Slipman, Bert Fellows

The Digital Doctor
Robert Wachter

Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair
Haastert-Talini, Kirsten, Assmus, Hans, Antoniadis, Gregor (Eds.)

Techniques of Neurolysis: Second Edition
Gabor B. Racz, Carl E. Noe

Vaginal Labor Pain Management
Xiaofeng Shen, Shan-Wu Feng, Shiqin Xu, Hongjuan Ding, Fuzhou Wang

Controlled Substance Management in Chronic Pain
Staats, Peter S, Silverman, Sanford M

Pain Management
Milica Prostran

Pain and Treatment
Gabor B. Racz and Carl E. Noe

Manual of RF Techniques-3rd edition
by Charles A. Gauci, MD, FRCA, FIPP, FFPMRCA

The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics
Louis Sanford Goodman, Lee E. Limbird, Perry B. Milinoff, Raymond W. Ruddon, Alfred Goodman Gilman

Radiographic Imaging for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management
P. Prithvi Raj MD, Leland Lou MD, Serdar Erdine MD, Peter S. Staats MD, Steven D. Waldman MD JD

Handbook of Headache Management: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Head, Neck, and Facial Pain
Joel R. Saper MD, Stephen D. Silberstein MD, C. David Gordon MD, Robert L. Hamel PA-C, Sahar Swidan PharmD

Acute Pain
Raymond S. Sinatra, Allen H. Hord, Brian Ginsberg

Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction
David G. Simons,Janet G. Travell,Lois S. Simons, Barbara D. Cummings

Evidence-based Interventional Pain Practice: According to Clinical Diagnoses
Jan Van Zundert, Jacob Patijn, Craig Hartrick, Arno Lataster, Frank Huygen, Nagy Mekhail, Maarten van Kleef

Textbook of Pain: Expert Consult
Stephen B. McMahon, Martin Koltzenburg, Irene Tracey, Dennis Turk

Diagnosis, Management, and Treatment of Discogenic Pain: Volume 3
Leonardo Kapural, Philip Kim, Timothy Deer

Interventional Techniques in Chronic Spinal Pain
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, Vijay Singh

Ramamurthy’s Decision Making in Pain Management: An Algorithmic Approach
Ameet Nagpal, Miles Day, Maxim S. Eckmann, Brian Boies, Larry C. Driver

Essentials of Pain Medicine, 4th Edition

Honorio Benzon, MD, Srinivasa N. Raja, MD, Scott M Fishman, MD, Spencer S Liu, MD and Steven P Cohen, MD; Edited by Robert W Hurley, MD, PhD

Regional Nerve Blocks in Anesthesia and Pain Therapy
Jankovic, Danilo, Peng, Philip W. H.

Atlas of Pain Medicine Procedures
Sudhir Diwan, Peter Staats

Practical Management of Pain
Honorio Benzon, James Rathmell, Christopher L. Wu, Dennis Turk, Charles Argoff, Robert Hurley

Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Pain by Medical, Interventional, and Integrative Approaches
Timothy R. Deer, Michael S. Leong, Asokumar Buvanendran, Vitaly Gordin, Philip S. Kim, Sunil J. Panchal, Albert L. Ray

Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Color Atlas
Jacques E. Chelly MD PhD MBA

Interventional Pain Management
Alon P. Winnie; Steven D. Waldman

Interventional Spine: An Algorithmic Approach
Curtis W. Slipman MD, Richard Derby MD, Frederick A. Simeone MD, Tom G. Mayer MD

Principles and Practice of Pain Medicine
Carol A. Warfield, Zahid H. Bajwa, R. Joshua Wootton

Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia in Trauma
Andrew D. Rosenberg MD, Christopher Grande MD MPH, Ralph L. Bernstein MD